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Founded in 2011 by Rebecca Kirk and her father in Oakland, CA., with a mission to cultivate, manufacture and distribute the most exotic and tastiest flower on the market. At Cannatique we specialize primarily in clean, high quality ‘proprietary’ flowers, keeping it as simple as it can get. Our team of ‘artists’ hand select only the strongest and best plants to be grown and enjoyed by you! We are fully licensed and permitted, operating in full compliance to California law and regulations.

CANNATIQUE‘S mission is quite simply to be the leading curator in breeding, developing and producing the finest, leading edge Cannabis health and wellness products in the world.

Quality Control

Cannatique implements and maintains strict quality control systems and protocols to ensure product integrity, consumer safety, quality assurance, and a safe, hazard free manufacturing environment. Appropriate quality control operations are employed to ensure that cannabis products are suitable for human consumption or use, and that cannabis product-packaging materials are safe and suitable.

The Cannatique team ensures that all non-laboratory quality control procedures are conducted according to all applicable Bureau rules and regulations, especially regarding:

  • general production and process controls
  • the procedures for ensuring clean and sanitary operations to minimize contamination
  • the procedures to prevent cross contamination and adulteration of cannabis products
  • the procedures to ensure workers maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness
  • the procedures to address complaints and recalls

We Are Cannatique – Your “High End Boutique and Exotic Strain Production” Experience

Services and Products

We currently offer a wide range of product from upward of 20 flower strains, prerolls and are only expanding more and more each day.


Blueberry Cruffin: Very fruity and sweet aroma with a BIG pallet pleasing terpene profile

Cruella’s Gelato: Deep earthy smell with a very sedative and relaxing effect.

Starting Line-Up: Five .7g prerolls, each a different flavor equaling 3.5g in total!

Coming Soon

Full line of vape cartridges
Capsules (thc/cbd)
Tinctures (cbd/thc)

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Phone: 510-866-2240

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